You Can walk on the Coated area at 1P.M with kids without Foot wear
100 % Guaranteed No Heat observe on Concrete or Roof
No Advertising Simple Truth
You can also Dry all Food Stuff over Coated Area

Welcome to Summer Cool Coating

TCS has introduce the summer cool coating in the year of 2003, for low budget for giving cooling to our homes.

It"s a new technique to give a cooling to our homes to reduce heat.

we guarantee to reduce the 30 % heat  , by the test of infra red

  • Summer cool coating reduce the heat  and given cools our homes
  • Once  apply to concrete , its reflect the sun light and avoid heat
  • We enjoying the cooling inside the house because of avoiding heat to concrete 100%
  • Getting cool  while fan is running.



A complete solution

We use a technical applicator for apply summer cool coating , so no tension, no risk , no head ache,no labour we are complete our works by using our technical operators.